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pro aurum August 2019

In an interview with Claudio Grass, H.S.H. Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein talks about the value of private property in today's world, what the tasks of a state are, what opportunities and risks are foreseeable, and what distinguishes the Principality of Liechtenstein. The interview was published in two parts on

Interview part 1 und Interview part 2

Trusts & Trustees Volume 25 No. 6 / July 2019

The token economy is a catch-all term for the trade taking place in the digital domain and the management of information relating to the underlying fungible and non-fungible tokens. Currently, the blockchain forms the necessary digital trading system. The advantages of such a system are obvious: direct involvement, greater efficiency, less administrative effort, and low transaction costs. Especially for the trust business, the possibility of tokenization opens up new opportunities. Which ones? Read more on this subject in the article that has been exclusively published by Trusts & Trustees.


I&F-News October 2019

In Liechtenstein, the Law on Token and TT Service Providers will soon enter into force. In FinTech circles, the law is already known as the Blockchain Act. In this newsletter you will learn more about this law and also what opportunities will arise from a digitalised economic system.

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