The Liechtenstein financial centre has an age-old tradition of wealth preservation, private banking and wealth management.

Liechtenstein’s financial centre has for years adhered to international standards on client due diligence and financial market supervision as well as in the battle against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Liechtenstein's banks are among the most solidly capitalised financial institutions in the world. The Liechtenstein fiduciary guild stands out for its vast experience in cross-border asset structuring via legal entities, its skills in long-term and multi-generational wealth planning, as well as its expertise in terms of data protection. The Liechtenstein supervisory system has been repeatedly commended at the international level for the rigorousness of its enforcement efforts.

In Liechtenstein, the inviolability of the private financial sphere is staunchly defended. Especially in times of uncertainty, this is of decisive importance in the ability to actually protect personal wealth. It should be emphasised here that prudent approaches for safeguarding one's private financial sphere in no way contravene internationally established tax requirements, nor can such measures be equated with criminal machinations. Rather, they act as the first and most effective line of defence against unjustified seizure.