There exist various possibilities for the legal protection of wealth.

One approach is to segregate a certain portion of the private fortune and, through stipulation of a specific purpose, place it in a protective entity approved under civil law, e.g.:

  • a trust
  • a (family) foundation
  • an establishment
  • a self-owned joint-stock company

The rationale for such a measure is to afford special protection of the wealth so it can be appropriately deployed in keeping with the specified purpose and not destroyed for example by intrafamilial conflicts or threats from political, legal and economic vicissitudes.

It should be stressed here that the desire to place a fortune under legal protection does not contravene any tax requirements nor may it be viewed as being undertaken with criminal intent. Rather, it demonstrates a strong awareness of the way things were, the way things are, and all the things that might lie ahead.  

The brochure on Liechtenstein company forms of the Liechtenstein Institute of professional Trustees and Fiduciaries provides a general overview of the formation of companies in Liechtenstein and the various company forms.