Asset protection for a self-determined future

Assets are constantly exposed to a variety of threats and risks. Large, complex fortunes therefore require comprehensive legal, economic and organisational solutions, and protective mechanisms. The Liechtenstein trust location offers various national and international legal entities for structuring assets for families and entrepreneurs. In particular, the Liechtenstein foundation, the Liechtenstein trust and the Liechtenstein establishment are recognised legal entities for securing assets in the long term and organising them for specific purposes. Why?
«We consider it a privilege to serve people and to provide growth, safety and protection for their assets and values.»
H.S.H. Gisela Bergmann, Princess of Liechtenstein,
CEO, Managing Director

Protect assets via Liechtenstein legal entities

Political uncertainty, family discord, an unprepared inheritance or creditor encroachment on private assets are just a few examples of how assets can come under attack. Such risks can be counteracted with foresighted asset structuring. To ensure the protection of your assets, these can be transferred to a legal entity customised to your needs and goals. This step lays the basis for long-term asset protection. How does this work?

Essential foundation for asset protection

By transferring assets to a legal entity, it acquires a dedicated function, which is an essential basis for long-term asset protection and wealth preservation. You define for what purpose and for whose benefit (beneficiaries) the assets are to be used in the future. Subsequently, we manage the assets through the legal entity in accordance with the purpose you have defined. In doing so, we ensure that the asset structure complies with the legal, fiscal and regulatory requirements and standards prevailing in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein legal entities at a glance

Learn more about the Liechtenstein foundation, the Liechtenstein trust and the Liechtenstein establishment. Other legal entities in Liechtenstein include, for example:

  • limited liability company (GmbH)
  • company limited by shares (AG)
  • trust enterprise (Trust reg.)
  • as well as various legal entities from other jurisdictions, which we can manage from Liechtenstein

The brochure on company forms of the Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries provides additional insight into the various Liechtenstein legal entities.

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