Trust business in Liechten­stein: safeguarding assets for the long-term

The Liechtenstein fiduciary trust business represents the safeguarding of assets over generations. This is where the cornerstone is laid for long-term asset management and wealth preservation. 

The Liechtenstein trustee as a trusted advisor

When you need to organise complex asset situations and bring them into a targeted, long-term and sustainable structure, Liechtenstein trustees are your reliable partners. The tasks of a Liechtenstein trustee are comprehensive. They include:

  • establishing legal entities (foundations, trusts, corporations, etc.), 
  • providing experienced foundation council members, corporate directors or trust directors 
  • ensuring that the assets are managed, invested and used effectively
  • making sure beneficiaries (family members, future generations, third parties) benefit from the assets
  • all this is accompanied by sound financial, economic and tax planning

Regulated fiduciary profession 

Access to the Liechtenstein fiduciary profession is strictly regulated and requires a license from the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA). Anyone wishing to obtain a trustee license must undergo comprehensive training and pass the demanding trustee examination. The Liechtenstein trust industry stands for a thinking in generations, securing the future of assets and values - and thereby the future of people, across generations. It is therefore of great importance to have a functioning supervisory practice in Liechtenstein.

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