Key initial question:Why structure wealth?

The aim of asset structuring is to protect your assets and safeguard them in the long term. The first step in this process is a fundamental analysis of your wealth situation, as well as your economic and financial goals, external conditions and your family situation. 

This includes, among others, the following services

  • Evaluation of your business and family goals, investment thoughts and estate goals, etc.
  • Survey of asset goals, as well as income and financial needs
  • Consideration of transnational legal, tax and regulatory requirements
  • Determination of your own and your family's needs, expectations and goals 

Wealth structures through customised legal entities 

Based on the results of the analysis and discussions with you, we will jointly create a long-term asset strategy with the appropriate legal asset structure. When needed, we work closely with our partner network or with the partners and specialists relevant to you. For the legal structuring of your assets, we use Liechtenstein legal entities (foundations, trusts, corporations, etc.) as well as international legal entities in other jurisdictions. Together, legal protection and appropriate asset organisation create the basis for the preservation of assets and family values.

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