Princely Winery Vaduz

Awarding of the Vernon Smith Prize

H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Executive Chairman of Industrie- und Finanzkontor and President of the Foundation Board of the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation, awarded the winners of 15th Vernon Smith Prize on February 6 at the Princely Winery in Vaduz:

Winner 1st prize: Lisa Kinspergher (IT)

Winner 2nd prize: Johann-Jakob Chervet (CH)

Winners 3rd prize in co-placement: Krzysztof Lesniewski (PL) and Jonas Trappe (DE)

The Vernon Smith Prize is an essay competition dedicated to young students, giving them the opportunity to analyze economic and socio-political topics form the perspective of the Austrian School of Economics. This year's essay competition was based on the following quote of famous novelist and journalist George Orwell: "If thought corrupts langugae, then language will also corrupt thought." The Vernon Smith Prize is named after the nobel prize winner Vernon L. Smith, who is a member of the Academic Advisory Board of the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation. Smith is considered the founder of the Behavioral Finance and Experimental Economics.

Photo (c) Paul Trummer: fltr Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Krzysztof Lesniewski, Jonas Trappe, Johann-Jakob Chervet, Lisa Kinspergher, Prof. Dr. Hardy Bouillon (moderator of the award ceremony)

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