Finance Forum Liechtenstein

In light of the future

Yesterday's Finance Forum Liechtenstein was all about the future, in light of current geopolitical powershifts, economic instabilities and the consequences resulting for the financial industry.

In a panel, moderated by Reto Lipp, our Executive Chairman H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein and Dr. Thomas Zwiefelhofer, member of the Group Board of the First Advisory Group, discussed the challenges and opportunities that the Liechtenstein financial center might face in the future.

H.S.H. Prince Michael participated in the panel on behalf of H.S.H. Gisela Bergmann, Princess of Liechtenstein, who unfortunately was unable to attend for important family reasons. He argued that one of the biggest challenges will be the prevailing shortage of skilled workforce, not only in Liechtenstein but in Europe per se. He also said, that the financial industry is overly bureaucratized due to excessive regulation. This inhibits innovative power, which is, however, necessary in order to meet future challenges.

Finally, Prince Michael is convinced that the more agile and client-oriented an organizational structure is, the more flexibly a business can respond to changes. And highly qualified employees form an essential element therein.

For more information on this past Finance Forum we recommend the article (in German), that was published by the Liechtensteiner Vaterland.

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