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Soon, this year's Finance Forum will take place. In an interview with Ms. Dunja Goop, editor in chief at Wirtschaft Regional, H.S.H. Gisela Bergmann, Princess of Liechtenstein, talks about the future and the present situation of the financial center, the development of the Liechtenstein trust business and the challenges in wealth management.

H.S.H. Gisela Bergmann explains that the Liechtenstein trust industry is actively involved in the development of the Liechtenstein financial center, for example through the total revision of the Law on Trustees to strengthen the Governance system to improve governance and risk management or the in-depth discussion of reporting standards and due diligence legislation.

Furthermore, she emphasizes that the Liechtenstein Institute of Professional Trustees and Fiduciaries, together with the Liechtenstein Bankers Association, has initiated the development a forward-looking positioning and communication strategy for the Liechtenstein financial center. The initiative resulted in a public-private partnership model, which is today known as Liechtenstein Finance.

Politically and economically unstable times increase the need for protection and safety for entrepreneurial and family wealth. The Liechtenstein financial centre can meet this need. The Liechtenstein financial centre is in the tradition of long-term and multi-generational wealth preservation and has the core competencies and know-how needed.

The Liechtenstein financial centre is an internationally recognized partner and compliant with European and international standards, it is very well connected and a member of important international organizations. And last but not least, the Liechtenstein financial centre demonstrates a high level of agility and innovative strength.

Read the whole interview (in German) here.

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