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pro aurum April 2020

"A crisis must never be misused to extend state power." H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein states in an interview with Claudio Grass. He shares his views and insights on the economic, political and social consequences that may derive from the emergency measures taken due to the coronavirus. He also explains why the time is more than ripe to return to more entrepreneurialism, individual freedom and self-responsibility, less public spending, more private savings and a solid equity-building. The interview has been published by

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I&F News July 2020

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become clear that in this new decade anything is possible and nothing is immutable. In response, billions of dollars in aid are being channelled into economic stimulus programs worldwide. The situation is exacerbated by a continuing expansive monetary policy. At the same time, a far-reaching Global Asset Registry is quietly being developed. What will the consequences be out of this in the future? We have analysed the situation in our current I&F-News. One thing is certain: This «whatever it takes» environment requests for farsighted planning and structuring of wealth so that they are secured against future challenges of all kinds.

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Trusts & Trustees Volum 26 No. 6 / July 2020

In his latest article for Trusts & Trustees, the leading international journal on trust law and practice and the official journal of the International Academy of Estate and Trust Law, Executive Chairman H.S.H. Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein highlights a few key facts that the financial industry and the trust business in particular must bear in mind. Because, in recent years, the financial industry faces demanding challenges concerning transparency as well as regulatory and tax compliance. And it is very worrying to see how this development is shifting the industry's focus away from the clients and their needs. 


Digital Salon @ Palladium Magazine / September 2020

Prince Michael of Liechtenstein speaks with Wolf Tivy and Ash Milton about his perspective on changes in international politics and economics, especially the importance of statecraft for small countries as the moral fashions and taboos of the great powers become more influential through a globalized internet culture. Further, they discuss the benefits of decentralization, the necessity of trust of the people in their governments, the advantages of small states and a militia system (as known in Liechtenstein and Switzerland) and last but not least the importance of one's selfresponsibility.

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