The world is back in a phase that increases the need for wealth protection, whereas the trust business faces three main challenges. Prince Michael von und zu Liechtenstein examines the future of Liechtenstein's trust Business.

An article about a trustee's part in times of increasing transparency. 


This newsletter addresses the risks and jeopardies which are a bane to wealth, and illustrates what is needed to preserve wealth in the long-run.  

An article about public debts and private asset protection. 


An article about the Liechtenstein foundation in the context of family governance. 


This newsletter gives you an insight into Family Governance. 

This newsletter informs about a beneficiary's position within the Liechtenstein Foundation Law and draws a comparison of the foundation and the trust.

This newsletter includes information about the new Liechtenstein Foundation Law and the Liechtenstein establishment.

This newsletter informs about the tax reform in Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein trust.

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