In talk with the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI): the key issues seen from a different angle.

How can an overall sustainable social-wellbeing be achieved? What economic role does private wealth play? Why is the broad public led to believe that sizeable personal fortunes have to be regarded as something "dubious"? Explore answers to these and other questions in the following article titled: The tale of the big bad wolf.


An interview on the future of Wealth Management in the context of Wealth Preservation.

An article about a trustee's part in times of increasing transparency. 


An article about the Liechtenstein foundation in the context of family governance. 


An article about Stress-test: Liechtenstein between transparency and asset protection.


This newsletter overviews the Liechtenstein Tax Law. 

This newsletter provides information on the Liechtenstein Discretionary Foundation.

This newsletter informs about the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility and the Founder's position within the Liechtenstein Foundation Law.

This newsletter informs about a beneficiary's position within the Liechtenstein Foundation Law and draws a comparison of the foundation and the trust.

This newsletter includes information about the new Liechtenstein Foundation Law and the Liechtenstein establishment.

This first newsletter contains information on the Liechtenstein financial centre.

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